Just the FAQs, ma'am!

What kind of dog is Stitch? 
Stitch is a Shih Tzu... probably mixed with something else, but we're unsure what. Some theories as to his other mix include jack russell terrier, boston terrier, bulldog , bichon frise, Ewok, or Gizmo (the nice gremlin). 

What are Stitch's favorite toys? 
Stitch loves to play with all his toys but he does have a few that he favors. He has a rope with a tennis ball attached to it that we usually play tug-o-war with. His favorite stuffed toy is Mo the Moose, a foot-long stuffed animal that has a squeaky in the middle. (Incidentally, I originally thought it was a donkey and referred to it as such until I realized donkeys don't usually have horns). He also loves rawhide bones and sticks, particularly the flavored ones.

Can Stitch do tricks? 
Stitch can now "sit" and "lay down". We are working on "roll over" and he's making good progress. Stitch is also going to be enrolled in puppy school soon so he should be learning more tricks. 

How did you and Stitch meet?
Read our story here.

Where did Stitch get his name?
Stitch was named by his original family and I decided to keep it to honor them. Besides, I like to think that I'm Stitch's "little island girl"and we are now "ohana."
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