Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stitch in Stitches

Stitch got neutered and had his umbilical hernia removed the other day. The look that he gave me was  both heart-warming (because he looked like he was going to miss me) and heart-breaking (because he didn't know what was about to happen to him) when I dropped him off at the vet before his surgery.

Overall, the surgery went well. He was at the vet's office by 7am since I had to take him in before I went to work. I called to check in at 2pm, and learned that everything had gone smoothly and that Stitch was recovering. By 5:30pm, Stitch was ready to be picked up! The vet said Stitch woke up a few hours after the surgery crying and wanting to be let out of his temporary crate. The only thing that comforted him was when someone finally held and soothed him. While he recovered, he was part of a 4-member doggie orchestra: there was a yipper, a howler, a deep woofer, and finally Stitch, the yelper.

As I entered the lobby of the animal hospital, I heard the familiar yelping of my little guy in the recovery area and couldn't help but smile knowing he was awake and ready to go home. :)

I wasn't surprised when Stitch wasn't happy to see me initially. I, afterall, was the conduit that allowed the vet to rob him of his virility, so to speak. He kept giving me the stink eye! So what does a doggie-mama do in this situation? Why, take pictures of him wearing his post-surgery cone of course!

Angry Stitch, glaring at me

Stitch at home with an even stinkier stink eye

Stitch with a cone - and a scowl

It's now been two days since Stitch's surgery and he is recovering quickly! He's not shown any signs of discomfort or pain so he's off the pain meds. And he's almost back to normal just bouncing around the house. The roommates and I have taken great delight, however, in watching him try to maneuver with his conehead, which he has adapted to quite well. I take this to be a good sign - Stitch is resilient and is becoming well adjusted!

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