Friday, March 11, 2011

bosom buddies

Every dog needs a best friend (aside from their people). Someone they can frolick and play with or just be lazy with. In Stitch's case, we thought his best friend would be Boo, BFF's, 8-year old Pomeranian. While Boo (now) mostly tolerates Stitch, my pup has really taken to Aslan, BFF's Birman mix cat. Throughout the day, they can be be seen together, playing or napping. Or as is sometimes the case, with Stitch annoying the meow out of Aslan. They do play very gently with each other, although you will hear the very rare "yip" from Stitch when Aslan's claw gets caught on his fur. Or Aslan meowing in annoyance when Stitch gets in his face too much. Trainer Ally suggested an easy "enough" command coupled with the clicker to get Stitch to back down a bit, which I have been trying lately.

In honor of this awesome duo, I present to you the Stitch and Aslan collection.

*cue The Turtles' "Happy Together"*

they nap together
they shoot the breeze together
they hang out on grandpa's chair together
they goof around together (well, mainly Stitch), they... roll around together?


  1. Too cute!! Love the last photo...that Stitch is a character. :)

  2. OMG - so adorable! It's like a Disney movie...made me smile :)

  3. Way cute! How is the new command working for him?