Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Great Escape

We've had a series of summer-like weather here lately (finally!) Because of the heat, my front lawn has started looking a little ... "less green" if you will (not quite brown yet).

As I have yet to install my sprinkler system, I thought I would water my lawn yesterday evening. I pulled the hose from the side of my house and under my front gate. Not wanting to have to juggle a hose and a very active doggie, I thought it best to leave Stitch in the backyard, with the gate closed. Within seconds, this was what ensued:

Good thing his fat head didn't get stuck!

Of course he would wedge his head under the side of the gate door that opened, so that if I tried to open it, I would break his neck. I also tried to push his head back in, but he's got quite the cranium so that was impossible, too.

Fortunately, our neighbor-dog next door started to bark. This distracted Stitch enough that he pulled himself from under the gate. *sigh*

And for all those concerned, yes, I did block that hole under the gate so he does not put himself in the same predicament again. ;)