Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Athlete Stitch

Stitch's aunt is training for a half-marathon. So to show our support, we went with Auntie while she did a run last Saturday at Crissy Field.

This was Stitch's first "5K" (mostly walking) and he had a really good time! He sniffed and played nice with other dog-joggers, and got a couple of compliments on how he was such a cute and happy dog. *proud mama beaming*

Here are some shots from our walk.

A shot with the GG Bridge, but he's distracted by other runners

Watching other doggies jog by

"Watching" me as I try to get him to pose

Finally - a good shot!

After the 3 miles, Stitch is worn out...

... but musters the energy to say hi to a little fellow (he loves kids!)

Red stains around his snout = stolen licks of a red  M&M on the ground

The ride home, and he's going down...

And he's out before we even exit the parking lot


  1. Hopefully he got comments on how well trained he is! He is such a good boy. I miss seeing him.