Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Sound of Music

Stitch and I have been "together" now for a little over 7 months and I enjoy getting to know him. He loves treats and will do all his tricks for his favorite snacks. He also loves squeaky toys. I also know he likes the outdoors. On warm days, he often sits outside and just sunbathes or watches birds. Most recently, I discovered that Stitch loves music!

The other night, I finally pulled out my bongo drums, a gift from my BFF, from its box and started to play a little bit. Next thing I knew, Stitch was by my side, watching me intently. At first, I thought he was just curious about this new item that he had never seen before. But, no - he was being entertained! His body was relaxed, his tongue was hanging out, and his eyes were focused (yes, his eyes do focus despite his exotropia). To test my hypothesis, I passed the drums to my sister, and sure enough Stitch switched his focus on to her.

He sniffs.
He gets close.
He is pleased!
Time for his solo.
 So I did a little march around the house with the drums, a la the Pied Piper. To my amusement, Stitch followed me as if I was an ice cream vendor on a hot summer day.

I was so tickled by my discovery of Stitch's new found love that I pulled out my ukulele and started playing. No fail; Stitch sat at my feet and looked up at me like I was Jake Shimabukuro at a live concert.

Aloha Stitch
Now, he could be in another part of the house but as soon as he hears the bongo drums or the ukulele, he will go running to the source of the music. (Works better than calling out, "Stitch, come!") Who knew that this little Shih-tzu would have an ear for music?

Drummer Stitch
Craaaazzzzy Drummer Stitch


  1. Was he channeling stitch from "lilo and stitch" in that last picture? :D